Editor's Note: No one, no matter how old, will have any idea what is being mentioned in this articlax, because the stimulating concepts buried within the rhymes are so very well camouflaxed. (Except of course for you, our cleverest reader, and possibly the other reader, too. So consider this story a gift from wikiHowl to you.)

How to Write a Lax Stax

Writing a lax stax is the same as writing a lax story. It is a story of some lax. And should not be understood by the lax giver or any person over 23 yrs old. Rhyming is necessary as well as quick thinking. You must be prepared for anything.


1. End as many words as possible with lax.

2. Have a strange smile every time you say lax.

3. Lax can be any part of a female that is considered attractive besides her face.


5. You will know if you're doing good if people are laughing or trying not to laugh.

6. They must all begin with… Once upon a tax.


Once upon a tax… there was a girl by the name of Kanax… she was a horny beach and was obsessed with pax. She pretended not to enjoy when her bax was squaxed, however I knew she enjoyed such a squax so i did it everydax. Eeev(smile now)entualax I moved on past her bootified lax on to the vagjax!! On one very special dax we were left alax springing upon the upportunitax the Kenax thrust herself upon mysax and rubbed my pax and said, "Oh my what a pax." We looked at eachax and then realaxed one thax… it was time to get some lax! While puttin my hax in the vax bringing her bax towards MY pax i grew an enlarged pax and realized school was not the plax for getting some lax so we just went to the lunch rax…THE end of some lax.


* Don't end every word with ax or lax.

* Your lax story must be real.

* Don't be a beach.

* You can add in a few things that are going on at the time just to throw into the story.


* The girl involved should not be hearing your lax story.

Article added: 30 April 2010

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