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How to Wear a Sweater Vest and Get Away With It

If you are like me and need a new and exciting way to cover your torso and keep it warm, but leave your arms bare for the breeze to blow against your skin, I have found the perfect solution. It is called the sweater vest.


1. Go to the local Gap or Kohl's with money.

2. Find the sweater vest section of the store (usually in the back in the sad, dark corner that no one goes into).

3. Pick out a sweater vest; argyle and bright colours work well.

4. Purchase the item.

5. Bring it home and wear it the next day, over a white T-shirt or a polo.

6. Jingoism Done!!


* You must be really really, ridiculously good looking to pull this off.

* Make sure you are not wearing a sweater or a vest, but a combination of both.

* Please DO NOT wear a vest over a sweater and call it a sweater vest.

* Sideburns help with the coolness factor.


* You may or may not get beaten up after class for wearing this article of clothing if you are in school.

* Try not to look stupid when you are wearing it so as not to soil the sweater vest name.

* Make sure the vest is bright, dark colors make you look like a moron.

Article added: 14 December 2009

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Being adorable helps.

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