Editor's Note: this is a tough one. Read carefully and practice a lot.

How to Walk Up Stairs

Have you ever looked up from the bottom of a stairwell and thought "Wouldn't it be cool if I could climb this jagged mountain and see what is at the top?" Well, now you can!


1. Walk around and find the nearest flight of stairs. Any stairs will do!

2. When you have found some, begin by doing some simple exercises to warm yourself up. These can include sit ups, crunches, jumping jacks, etc. Don't try too hard though - you might hurt yourself.

3. After you are warmed up, take 16 deep breaths (17 works, too). 16 or 17 breaths is perfect to get the right amount of oxygen to your brain in order to start your tough journey up the stairs. Relax.

4. After you feel relaxed and ready, it's time to begin your journey up the stairs. Start by lifting your right leg as high as you can.

5. When is is lifted, put it down on the first step. Do the same with your left foot.

6. Continue this pattern until you are up the stairs.


* If you get tired, you may lay down on a step at any time and take a break.

* You may need a friend to help you.

* If you are afraid of heights, try to be strong.


* Laying on the stairs can be dangerous. If you decide to take a break on the stairs, be careful. Other people around you might get annoyed.

Article added: 01 October 2010

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