Editor's Note: Once you get done with creating the universe and the subatomic particles and everything, the only hard part is getting the darn thing out of its case. But don't use the method suggested here!

How to Use Your TI 34ii Calculator

With the development of new technology some people may find that once simple everyday items are now almost unusable. One such device is the once simple TI scientific calculator.


1. Before you can use your calculator it must be bought. Before it can be bought it must be made. Before it can be made the raw materials must be gathered. Before that these raw materials must have existed as elements. Before that they must have existed as subatomic particles. Before that the universe must be created. But you don't have to worry about that.

2. What you must do is open the plastic packaging. I suggest using the defroster option of a microwave. After the plastic melts you can just pull it off with ease. It may also burn off.

3. Take off the cover of the calculator. This is done by sliding the cover off.

4. Turn it on.

5. Determine what math problem you want to solve.

6. Plug in the necessary buttons as outlined by the manual to solve said math problem.

7. After all problems are done you should put the calculator away. But not in the microwave.

8. Press the 2nd key and turn the calculator off.

9. Slide cover back on.

10. Put calculator away


* Aluminum foil will help the plastic melt faster

* Or napkins or some other sort of cleaning mechanism

Article added: 22 June 2009

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