Editor's Note: How do you highlight text? There is the modern computer world way, and the old fashioned , hold-an-ink-delivery-stick-in-your hand way. The old fashioned way is prettier, especially if you want to get stoned and look at your science notes under a black light, which seemingly this article does not cover.

How to Use a Highlighter

Highlighters are some of the most commonly used utensils. They are helpful for bringing out main points, studying, or just for fun! With this article, you will learn the proper way to handle a highlighter.


1. First, take time to get to know your highlighter, in a sense. Is it water-soluble? Do you need to change into a shirt you don't care about so you don't stain the one you have on? What color is your highlighter? Will it attract eyes, or cause them pain? And etc.

2. Next, take the cap off. Remember to do this carefully! It is not as easy as it seems. Did you change shirts? If not, point the tip away from you. And be prepared for the sudden release of pressure.

3. Finally! It is time to use your highlighter. With all these steps, you may have forgotten what you wanted to do in the first place. Take some time to remember.

4. Having done that, slowly place the tip (that's the part on the end, that previously marked up your shirt) on the paper. Remember to be gentle! We don't want to damage that pretty little marker, now do we?

5. Last but not least, move your hand in the desired direction to make your mark. Remember, where your hand goes, the highlighter will follow! So pick your direction carefully!


* Okay, you may need to practice beforehand. Run through the steps without the actual pen. After you have done that, you are ready to handle the highlighter!

* You may also need an extra piece of paper to practice your highlighting. It's pretty difficult, so don't feel too badly if you screw up on your first try. Or second… third… ninth…


* I will not be held accountable for any injuries. I told you to hold it away from you! Just go get a band-aid, okay?

 Things You'll Need

* A highlighter, duh!

* Something to highlight, double duh!

* Possibly another shirt?

* And, a band-aid. Just for you.

Article added: 25 August 2008

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