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How to Understand the Language of Randomers :P

I was thinking about what to write when i thought: Why dont i help people understand what random people are saying? Lol, I didn't have any other ideas! Hope you enjoy my first article, and I promise you it will make you laugh (even if it is only a lil' giggle). :D


1. I have a friend of a friend who always seems to say random words. One is: "Scheissenhausen". Don't ask what it is ok… Well, Scheiss means poo in german, I think, and Haus means house. So, literally, she means a poo-house. Did i mention my friend of a friend is a total weirdo?

2. I'm sure everyone knows what this means, but i thought I would remind you, coz I'm nice that way B-). "Loo". Thats it. It means the toilet (don't ask why I'm going on about poo-related subjects). I'm in England, so we say toilet. In America,some people say rest-room, but I don't really feel like having a rest in my bathroom.

3. The next one is new even to me. "Japes". I read a lot, and in most of Enid Blyton's books, the little wets all have their japes or their jolly wheezes. For example, if someone sneaks up behind you, grabs hold of you suddenly and shouts "Boo", that to them would be a jolly good wizard jape. I'm not the one to be mean, but i think you get the idea about what totally crap books they were (not all of them were crap, I'll give you that).

4. This one is "Choccy Milkie". Its a hot-chocolate drink that is very very soothing when you have a cold and you are being a drama queen. It has been softened into choccy milkie coz usually lil' kids drink it a lot. It's easier to say for them then. "Blanket" is softened into Blankie. "Chocolate" is choccy woccy doo dah lol, don't ask. "Easy" is therefore easy peasy lemon squeezy. If a grown-up ever talks to you like that, do not hesitate to kill them. ._.

5. "Pingy Pongy". I'll make this one easy for you. It usually involves a baby,and nappy changing time. :S

6. "Stoof" is a coolier (that's right, I said coolier) word for stuff. E.g, "Toni, come and get your stoof out of my room you lazy idiot". Parents can be soo understanding and loving sometimes. You cant live with them and you cant live without them, coz you cant give birth to yourself… eww. O_o

7. "Random Randomer". That would be me. ;D

8. "Random Randomer's Random articles about Random stoof". That would be my articles. :)

9. A "Unique Dancer" is usually a dancer that kicks out their feet sideways away from each other and waves their arms around their heads as though they are warding off a swarm of bees or flying pigs, maybe.

10. Finally, I have a random saying for you, coz I'm feeling generous.

* "MY TOASTER IS PLANNING WORLD DOMINATION… and.. well... thats why I'm late for school… *smiles hopefully* :)


* If the toaster domination excuse is used near the toaster itself, keep your voice down, just in case the toaster hears and gets some ideas.

Article added: 19 February 2010

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