Editor's Note: Spoiler: When we get to the last step, the motivation of this loving brother is laid transparent.

How to Turn Your Brother Into a Frog

Your brother bothering you? Or do you want to have a little fun? Either way, this is the article for YOU!


1. Mix some milk, water, juice, cinnamon, sugar, ketchup, mustard, and chocolate in a pot.

2. Make a wand out of pipe cleaner.

3. Dip the wand in your mixture.

4. Say Albert, Richard, Michael too, turn into a frog you! And point your wand at your brother.

5. Throw the frog out the window.


* DON'T say it too loud, Or your mom or Dad will hear you and ground you for a week.

Article added: 31 August 2009

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Epic fail!

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