Editor's Note: Most people just ask the closest nine year old when they run into computer problems. For that reason, we don't normally cover difficult computer maneuvers here at wikiHowl, but this editor makes the job look pretty easy.

How to Turn off Your Computer


1. Get the grip of your mouse. If you can't hold your mouse while its laying down on the desk, let's fix it.

2. Make sure the flat surface of the mouse is facing the top of the desk, so the curvy part of the mouse is facing up.

3. If the mouse is slippery, wipe off the oil/contaminants off the mouse.

4. If your hand is too small, buy a small laptop mouse.

5. OK now you have the grip of the mouse. Move the mouse to the left bottom corner, until the cursor is right on the START button. If your mouse didn't work please read below:

6. Either your mouse is not connected.

7. Reconnect your mouse to the back of your computer.

8. Now try? Still does not work?

9. Buy a new mouse, and try the new mouse.

10. Ta- Da ! it is complete. Now you can move your mouse. Freely.

11. Now click the left mouse button. Next to the right mouse button on the top of your mouse.

12. You should see the menu come up.

13. Click on the bottom right corner of the menu "shutdown".

14. Wait for 10 seconds.

15. A window on the middle of your screen should pop up. If it doesn't please read:

16. Either your computer is not responding, or you may try again clicking "shutdown".

17. If your computer is not responding, restart it. After it restarts, click on the bottom left corner start then shutdown. A window should pop up in the middle of your screen in 10 seconds or less.

18. OK, now click the Shut down icon in the middle of the middle box in the middle of your desktop screen. (Shutdown box is red)

19. Now your computer should say shutting down.

20. After it shuts down, it is turned off.


* If none of the steps above work, kill your computer with a baseball bat, and it should be turned off forever.

* An easier way is to press the turn on button while your computer is turned on. On is to negative as Off is to positive. So on = negative, and negative plus negative = positive = off.

Article added: 07 September 2009

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