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How to Tie Your Shoes With Chopsticks

Like Japanese? Like shoes? But not those stupid velcro ones.
Tie your shoes with chopsticks! It's much more interesting.


1. Go to a Japanese restaurant.

2. Eat something.

3. Throw out the chopsticks.

4. Oops.

5. You needed those.

6. Go buy more food.

7. KEEP the chopsticks.

8. Get your favorite pair of shoes.

9. If you don't have a favorite pair of shoes then go find one.

10. Tie shoes with chopsticks.

11. If you figured that out, then you are a geniussssss.

12. Not really. I can do it too.

13. Pretty much everyone can.

14. So NEH.


* Make sure your shoelaces are sparkly.


* Don't poke yourself in the eye with the chopstick.

* If you do rinse immediately with cold water.

 Things You'll Need

* Time.

Article Added: 16 October 2009

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