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How to Tickle Your Mum

Tickling your Mum's feet can be great fun especially if your Mum is really ticklish and loves having her feet tickled!


1. If you've ever wondered if your Mum is ticklish - especially on her feet - then why not find out!

2. Choose a time when she's removed her slippers and is sitting on the sofa with her bare feet exposed.

3. Just gently run your forefinger lightly as possible down one sole and see what response you get! If she pulls back and demands you stop immediately, try once more but stop and wait for another time.

4. If she lightly giggles and says,"I'm very ticklish, but it relaxes me, so be careful and take it easy." Then you could be in for a great time.

5. Now you might try trailing fingertips across the other sole, wait for her to laugh a little, then continue on both soles, gently increasing the tempo and see if she still keeps her feet there.

6. Notice any hyperticklish spots that make her laugh out loud and linger a little more on those spots each time.

7. Top tickle spots are usually the arches, just under the ball of the big toe, across the toe pads and tips and inside the toe crevices.

8. Always wait to see what response you get each time, especially after each outburst of laughter.

9. Continue and be prepared to stop at any point. You can always ask how it feels and if she answers,"it tickles like crazy", but she doesn't pull her feet away, then she wants you to continue because she's obviously enjoying the tickling sensation. You can always tease a little by asking, "you've got really ticklish feet Mum, haven't you". If she answers, "you're tickling me to death here, just go easy", then she's loving it and you know you can continue tickling her feet for quite a bit longer. Perhaps up to an hour!

10. One sure sign that she enjoyed your session is if she comes into the room while you're watching TV, plops her bare feet into your lap and asks for her feet to be tickled 'like last time'.

11. It may even become a regular session!

12. Why not sneak into her bedroom when she's having a snooze or lie-in, pull back the end of the bed covers and tickle her feet until she's awake. You are likely to find that her warm feet will be even more ticklish than ever!

13. She may even recommend your tickling prowess to one of her ticklish friends. Then you may be in for a great treat - tickling both your Mum's feet and her best friend's feet, both at the same time!

Article added: 26 July 2010

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