Editor's Note: Try not to miss the importance of food you can't choke on, which is evidently pretty high on the Emo Food Pyramid.

How to Throw a Party for an Emo

Do you have a friend that is Emo? Do you want to cheer them up without changing the fact that they are Emo? Well here are some awesome tips and tricks to throw a party for your favorite Emo!


1. Don't let the Emo know what you are up to. It is best to surprise the Emo to get the best effect possible. Besides, surprised Emos are funny.

2. Get food for the party. Some suggestions are:
  • Pudding. It is a dark color and your Emo can't choke on it.
  • Energy drinks. Hyper Emos are fun Emos.
  • Basically any dark, and soft colored food will be perfect for your Emo. They will appreciate that you understand their love for items that are color deprived, and your wish to keep them alive.

3. Get party games for the party. Party games are a must at your party. Since Emo people are very secluded, you could try games that are very singular. OR you could try and liven up the party by trying to get your Emo to participate in more team oriented games such as Pictionary, or Cranium. Singular games could include:
  • Tape the tail on the donkey. (Don't use any sharp objects, or they can injure your Emo, or tempt him to stab himself.)
  • Musical cushions. (You could also take this opportunity to try to widen your Emo's taste for music by playing Mozart, or maybe happy music. Try to stay away from songs that could have your Emo spiraling into further depression.)
  • Bobbing for objects. (Make sure what you use is big enough so your Emo cannot choke, but also soft enough as not to damage your Emo when they thrust their head into the pool.)

4. Don't bring up depressing things. Try to make your Emo as at home and happy as possible. Try not to bring up topics as to why your Emo is emotional, or depressed. Unicorns and fluffy bunnies are usually a safe topic.


* Your Emo might not like the idea of a party. Make sure you are ready with some sort of restraining device. Try tying your Emo to a chair before you break the news that they will be having a fun filled night of joyousness.

* Make sure they have no sharp implements on them.

* Make sure that the other guests know who they're throwing the party for, and don't invite any jocks.

Article added: 14 November 2008

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