Editor's Note: Using office supplies to create a party theme. So many wonderful things are possible in this crazy world these days.

How to Throw a Pencil Sharpener Party

Have you ever wanted to throw a pencil sharpener party? To celebrate the awesomeness of sharpeners? Or did you steal someone's pencil sharpener and want to throw a party about it?! Here;s how to do it! Warning: this may be slightly lame, but still hilariously funny!


1. If you stole a sharpener from someone, make them the guest of honor. Send them a ransom note that says to come to your house if you ever want to see your sharpener again.

2. Make invitations for all the other guests too. Tell them to bring as many sharpeners and pencils as they possibly can.

3. Once all of your guests arrive, you can start the pencil themed activities.

4. Have a pencil pushing contest. Have everyone sharpen as many pencils as possible in an amount of time

5. Have a sharpener show. Show off your sharpeners like they would at a pet show. Make little ribbons for best of show etc.

6. Put glitter glue on sharpeners. Make them look super-fantastic!

7. Make goody bags including - you guessed it - pencils and sharpeners!

8. Lastly, give the guest of honor back his/her sharpener (optional).


* This could also be used as a dorky back to school party.

* If the person you stole the sharpener from gets really mad, you can make this whole thing like a surprise party for them.


* This may be incredibly lame.

 Things You'll Need

* Pencils

* Pencil sharpener

* Friends

Article added: 07 July 2008

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