Editor's Note: Here's a little something to help you come out of the fur closet.

How to Tell Your Parents You are a Furry

So you're a furry and you're afraid your parents will disown you or some BS like that. Don't worry, unless you're also gay, then you might have some trouble.


1. Tell your parents you have to tell them something important.

2. Once you have their attention tell them that you are a furry.

3. When they ask what that is explain to them that they are animals that possess human-like traits, such as the ability to walk on two legs and have opposable thumbs, along with a mind exactly like a human's that can process language, think, dream.


* If they still don't understand tell them it is a human with fur and a tail.

* If they think you're weird tell them that aliens are weird too.

* If they still don't understand just say never mind.


* If you are also gay (no offense) you shouldn't tell them now, or ever, for that matter, otherwise your parents will yell at you and disown you and some BS like that.

* The Furry fandom, while a sizable fandom, is still relatively unknown to most of society, so your parents could probably care less about your involvement in it. In fact, why don't you forget you ever read this nonsense?

Article added: 13 July 2009

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