Editor's Note: In the Facebook age everyone is dying to know everything, from which periodic element they would be (if they were one) to which day of the week they would be. Knowing your kind of cake comes with the extra added benefit that you can know what kind of cake you are and eat it too!

How to Tell What Kind of Cake You Are

Many people often wonder what kind of cake they are, but don't know how to find out. Most internet quizzes bring up poor results, so the best way to find out is usually to decide yourself.


1. Start by assessing your personality. This will give you the basic grading for your cake. Optimistic personalities will suggest light cakes such as sponge or bakewell Tart, while pessimistic people may lean towards rich cakes such as ginger or chocolate. Remember that cakes can suggest more than one thing. Chocolate may be dark, but it could also be sensual, for example.

2. Next, concentrate on the personality traits of step 1 and go into detail. Are you cynical? Playful? Socially orientated? These in-depth traits will tell you the more subtle elements of your flavour, as well as your filling. Find elements of your personality that jump out at you and assign them flavours and textures - do they contrast (in which case, your consistency may be ‘lumpy’), do they converge on a central driving desire? Assess carefully and assign. If you get stuck, see the tips section.

3. Decide additional elements from your lifestyle- the hobbies you enjoy may manifest themselves as a topping, for example.

4. Finally, review your cake and decide if it truly suits you. If it doesn’t, review the steps above until you feel comfortable with your cake-persona.

5. Celebrate by eating a cake of the kind you chose.


* If you like, write down your decisions as you go along to check back on later.

* If you’re stuck, here are some examples of cake people:
  • A light hearted and inquisitive socialite - Vanilla Slice
  • A sports obsessed, mildly intelligent person with laid-back ambition - A rich fruit cake.
  • A serious businesslike person with a love of film - Carrot cake with a cream centre.
  • A mystical, ‘head in the clouds’ type of person, always daydreaming - Chocolate fudge.
  • Random, impulsive, may be insane- Ice-cream cake with chopped nuts.
* Take your time. This kind of thing cannot be rushed.


* Don’t eat too many cakes. Obesity is a serious problem.

* Don’t take the whole process too seriously. It’s not worth it.

Article added: 11 May 2009

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