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How to Survive Sitting in the Car Without a Booster Seat

You Are Outgrowing Your Booster Seat And Then You Get In A Regular Car Seat And Love It! But You Get Scared As The Car Starts Moving. I Will Teach You How To Not Be Afraid Of It.


1. Bring A Blanket. Most Kids Have Security Blankets, So If You Have One, Bring It.

2. Bring A Pillow. Take A Nap While Riding In The Car For Awhile.

3. Snacks. These Will Be Useful If You Get Hungry.

4. Bring Some Books. You Can Read Some Books Or Comics To Pass The Time. You Will Need A Book Bag For A Massive Number Of Books.

5. Plushies. You Can Snuggle These If You Take A Nap.

6. Camera. You Can Take Pictures Of Some Sightings With This.

7. Bring A Laptop. I Think There Are Wireless Ones.


* Play Games That Do Not Have A Board Or Pieces.

* At Night, Look Out Your Window To Look For Stars.

* Stretch Your Arms And Legs Every Few Minutes Or So.

* Take Off Your Shoes And Socks If They Get Wet Or Dirty, Or Simply Too Hot.


* Do NOT Get Out Of Your Seatbelt While The Car Is Moving. This Is Illegal.

 Things You'll Need

* A Pillow

* Books And Comics And/Or Book Bag

* A Camera

* A Blanket

* Some Snacks

* Plushies (Preferably Neopets)

* Ideas For Games

* A Laptop (Wireless)

Article added: 11 December 2009

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My kingdom for a
booster seat.

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