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How to Stink

If you want to learn to stink, read this. You may want to stink to get out of something, or just for whatever. It should be pretty easy.


1. Don't put on any fragrances (perfume and cologne), or toiletries (lotions, deodorants,etc.)

2. Don't shower. When you shower, it washes away that lovely, stinky smell.

3. Work out a lot. You will get sweaty and sweat stinks.

4. Wear non-breathable shoes with no socks. It's pretty stinky! Let me tell ya!


* Don't eat or chew gum, mints, Thai food (known to produce good-smelling smells), or just anything minty, as this will make your breath smell better.

* Do anything else that you think will make you smell stinky or smelly.

* You may not want to go swimming because this can wash away the stank.


* You should still brush your teeth. This prevents cavities, gum disease, etc.

* Don't go overboard. You may ruin your reputation, miss out on things (such as invites, gatherings etc.,), people may tend to stay away from you, and people may talk behind your back.

* It could be pretty smelly to you too.

* Smelling good, taking a shower, and other stuff is just a matter of good hygiene.

 Things You'll Need

* Non-breathable shoes and/or socks (non-breathable items are basically man-made materials.

* A very good shower once you are done being stinky!!

Article added: 27 November 2009

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Only the noses know.

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