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How to Spray Yourself With Deodorant

The main thing about spraying deodorant when you get dressed is to NOT PANIC! The more you put on doesn't mean you will get more girls, no matter what Lynx says. Try to stay calm and follow my steps and tips and you should be all right. Spraying is an art (don't let anyone tell you otherwise!) and should be treated like it.


1. Get the nicest deodorant (whether it be Lynx or Old Spice it doesn't matter!)

2. Grip the can with whichever hand you write with. DO NOT PANIC when you touch the cold metal (this is where people are at their most vulnerable).

3. Slowly lift the can to 15 cm away from the body.

4. Control that shaking and give yourself a good dose of spray evenly coated on the body.

5. Place the can back down.

6. Go out on the town and enjoy!


* To be honest not many tips are needed for this. Just don't put too much on because you'll use all of the spray up.

* Also, don't take it for granted that you will return home later that night with a trail of girls behind you!

* Paris Hilton will not be on your trail just because you have mastered the fine art of deodorant spraying. Just because Lynx said it, doesn't mean it is true.

* And finally, don't try and let the spray pick up the women, use your dodgy chat up lines and wow those slags!!!


* Do not spray in eyes because it will hurt!

* No matter how scrumptious the spray smells do NOT consume!

* Never throw a full can onto a fire in your house, because your house is obviously on fire and you should get out of there, and the can will explode!

Article added 07 December 2007

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Be careful to choose
the right kind of
spray can

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