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How to Become the Smartest Person in the World

In the following steps learn how to become the smartest person in the world. There are three major categories to follow to know the most: Language, Science and History. Naruto may be added next semester.


1. Learn Latin because this language shows high intelligence and symbolizes quality.

2. Learn the basic foundations for history, including your country's. If you are already a historian you are one-third away from being the smartest person in the world.

3. Learn about the elements and compounds of science. This will add to the lessons you probably have previously learned in school.

4. Read most of the Encyclopedia.

5. Watch TV shows that put all this information to use.

6. Study Mensa books and learn from them to join the Mensa group.

7. After this you should take an IQ test and see how you score, it should be high.


*Make sure you take your time and pace yourself, don't stress yourself out.


*Don't become too involved in this unless you have nothing better to do or you are determined.

Article added: 05 November 2007

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