Editor's Note: Revealing tank top, $19.99. Victoria Secret Bra, $47.50. Breast Enlargement Surgery, $7,500.00. Practicing making your boobs bounce, priceless.

How to Show a Guy Your Boobs Without Taking off Your Shirt

A lot of guys want to see a girl's boobs. So you want to show them but you are too shy to take your shirt and bra off? No problem, you have come to the right place. Read on with my instructions and solve your problem out!


1. Before you do anything else, let me just tell you that you have to have big boobs, not small ones. Otherwise wear a padded bra or search for a wikiHow article that helps your boobs look big.

2. When you are walking with a guy, walk straight and heave your chest a lot. If you have been running, that would be good, since then your chest would be heaving.

3. If you are sitting at a table with a guy, lean over but don't cover your chest. Let it show.

4. Don't wear thick shirts, but not too transparent either.

5. Practice making your boobs bounce without touching them when you walk. You can ask a friend to sit on your bed and judge you if your boobs are bouncing or not.

6. Touch your boobs a lot. When you want to fidget, just sort of touch them but don't be too obvious. His eyes will turn to your chest immediately.


* If you are not that shy, you can just make up some excuse like My bra is too tight, can you help me loosen it?. Be creative.

* Wear a padded bra to make your boobs look big. Big boobs always get a guy's attention.


* Never show-off your boobs in front of a parent / uncle / relative. Imagine your embarrassment!

* Check if your guy likes big boobs or not. If he doesn't, then just forget about the idea.

Article added: 10 March 2008

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Sometimes your guy
won't see your boobs
no matter how hard
you try.

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