Editor's Note: Teenagers do not belong in the house, apparently.

How to Shovel a Driveway

If you live in a northern state and own a house you will be forced to deal with snow in your driveway. There are many ways to attack this problem but I find that my method will help prevent back injuries and frostbite, among other problems.


1. Go to any ATM and withdraw $10.

2. Find a teenager that lives in your neighborhood.

3. Give the $10 to the teenager.

4. Go inside and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.


* You may have to increase the amount of money that you give the teenager.

* You could offer the teenager a cup of the hot chocolate after he is through, but don't ask him into the house.


* Make sure to check the temperature of the hot chocolate before consumption. The writer of this article will not be held liable for burns to your lips, tongue, or cheeks.

Article added: 05 February 2009

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Leave your shovel
next to the toilet.

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