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How to Get Your Boot out of Seven Bales of Hay

You're in Vermont and on top of a huge haystack with two cats and two best friends, and you fall in the haystack, trying to find your lost Sunny-D and the only way to get out with friends helping you is to take off your boot. Now you lost a boot and your best friend's brother (the family you're staying with) helps you with rakes trying to get the boot out for three long hours, but can't seem to find it - read the steps below on how to find your boot.


1. Use a flashlight and long rakes to dig in the hole first. That will make it easier to see and you won't have to go down in the hole again and get stuck. This might not work so stop what you're doing if it takes more than 45 minutes to get the boot.

2. Sadly your last option is to tell your best friend's mom and dad the truth.

3. The grandparents that own that barn will help you by getting their tractor thing to lift up the bales of hay.

4. Luckily if they dig deep enough you will succeedingly find your boot (and Sunny-D.)

5. If you don't, you'll have to move all the bales of hay out to find it.

6. If it is not there, don't panic. Look outside of the area of where you thought it fell. Most likely you were out of range and will find it.


* After this, NEVER look for your Sunny-d in hay stacks.

* Use the second option of finding your boot, it's more accurate.

* Don't go in a haystack in the first place.

* If it gets dark out, go inside, take a shower, go to sleep, wake up, eat breakfast, then go outside and look again. It's better you get a night's rest so you're refreshed in the morning.

*Always keep a tractor handy - you'll never know when you'll need it.


* Let the adult move the hay bales. It is not legal for a kid to ride a tractor without parental supervision.

* You might possibly never find your boot in the mess, so this might not be an accurate article.

 Things You'll Need

* You

* Two Best friends

* One of your best friend's brothers

* A Sunny-D

* Hay bales

* Parents/grandparents

* Two cats

* A boot

* A tractor

* Rakes/shovels

* A flashlight

* A barn

Article Added: 20 March 2009

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