Editor's Note: What have you got against your neighbor's cute little kittycat, that you have come here to read an article about how to frighten the dickens out of sweet little kittens?

How to Scare Your Neighbor's Cat or Kitten

Most of you hate cats and kittens. In today's society cats and kittens seem to have it all: milk, fish, cream cheese, play toys, cat nips. Most of us seem sick of cats and kittens getting the most of life. Here's an easy way to scare them and put them in their places.


1. Find a cat or a kitten (kittens are usually smaller versions of cats).

2. Put on a scary mask. Recommendations would be: a president, a clown, a ghost, or a football helmet. For ultimate reaction from the cat or kitten, wear a dog mask.

3. When the cat or kitten is sleeping in its special spot, walk up slowly with socks on.

4. If you see the cat move, jump under a table or under the couch to avoid eye contact.

5. Get close enough to the cat for a fantastic surprise.

6. Either scream bloody murder at the cat or swat it with your open hand (cats can survive anything).

7. Between the scream/swat and the scary mask, the cat or kitten will try to defend itself.

8. Take off the mask and reveal yourself to the cat or kitten… this will relieve the cat or kitten when it realizes it's you.

9. Have a good laugh with the cat or kitten.


* Black cats don't scare as easily as cats with killer designs on them.

* One guy did this to a cat and he actually heard it say a swear word.


* Do NOT do this prank near a bank, the masks could make people think you're trying to do a stick-up. If the cat is by a bank, just forget about it.

Article Added: 28 July 2008

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