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How to Stop Being so Emotional and Crying while Reading the Holy Bible

This is a tounge-in-cheek guide in response to a very vague request. It's meant to be taken with a grain of salt...


1. Think about good things like puppies. Also beach vacations. Ooh... and ice cream sundaes!

2. Put the bible down for a little while and go outside. Maybe take a walk.

3. Read sections such as Leviticus and the end of Exodus which are very dry. (Mainly lists of names showing family lineage and lists of old Jewish laws, including what to do with women on their monthly cycle and which birds are considered unkosher to eat.) This will probably calm you down from your emotional state.

4. Search video websites such as YouTube or GoogleVideo for cartoon videos or funny movies such as Baby Laughing, Puppy Howl, or Screen Cleaning (a looped film of a pug licking the computer screen). These always put a smile on my face.  :)


* Please post any serious tips here that might actually help someone suffering from this specific affliction:


* Reading in low-light is bad for your eyes.
* You might want to avoid the Book of Revelation on days when you are feeling low.

Article added: 04 February 2008

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Read sections such
as Leviticus...

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