Editor's Note: Ironically, if you want to get the most out of this article, you really ought to consider reading it before you read it.

How to Read a Wikihow Manual

So, you finally saw a compelling wikiHow, perhaps 'How to compromise with your spouse', or 'How to Base Jump' and now here you are. This guide will instruct you on how to read an online manual that was put together by someone completely unknown to you, who has also no liability should any harm come to you - regardless if it resulted from your reading of 'How to tame a badger' and it didn't go your way.


1. Read the introduction. If someone sounds like an idiot, they are an idiot. After all, its usually things people say that make people reflect "What an idiot..." So follow your gut on this one.

2. Remember who may have written the wikiHow. Could it be that this person just happens to be *the* subject matter expert on homemade fireworks or telling off your boss without getting fired? Sure, but the important thing to consider is that the author could very possibly also be; an idiot, a terrorist, or perhaps even a small, yet deviously precocious youth. So, if your wikiHow manual entitled how to 'save' at the mall includes strapping any sort of explosive to yourself, or if perhaps you're excited to read hOw 2 sh0p 4 ur daughter, but discover that every step simply reads buy ne0petz cuz they r aw3some, remember this step.


* Remember that some people are idiots.

* Consider that, just because someone describes a physical activity in great detail doesn't mean you will be capable of performing it.

* Anytime a manual references the words be careful, dangerous or watch out for, what it is really saying is don't do it, you will be injured, probably horribly. Or watch as, what is that really supposed to say? Watch your ass?!


* It's online. Reread this warning.

* Again, it's online.

* Seriously. It is.

Article added: 19 October 2009

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