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How to Raise Your Right Hand While Keeping the Left Hand Down

Have you ever seen some one raise only their right hand at one time and wondered how they did it? Well now you're in luck! This article explains every aspect of doing this particular task!


1. First you need to do some breathing exercises to get you ready.

2. Start off breathing with both lungs at once.

3. Once you've done that for approximately 32 minutes and 16 seconds, you are ready to begin raising your right hand without raising the left.

4. First, you need to keep the left hand firmly in your lap.

5. Slowly raise the right hand roughly 6" in the air.

6. Now move to 12".

7. Continue adding 6" to the current height of your hand until it is fully raised.

8. Congratulations! You just raised your right hand while keeping the left hand down!


* Practice makes perfect! It may take months of practice, but you will eventually get there!

* Remember to keep your left hand firmly planted on your lap while raising your right hand!


* Do not lift your hand too close to your face! You may hit your mouth or nose or poke an eye out!

 Things You'll Need

* Your right hand!

Article added: 16 July 2010

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Works with fractal
hands as well.

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