How to Prevent Rabbit Eating Disorders

Rabbit eating disorders are just as dangerous as everyday human eating disorders. Rabbits can become too thin and self conscious, and do not like the way they look. Through this they cannot eat anything and become very sick.


* A coat

* A rabbit that is feeling fat and sassy

* A coat just in-case Tuesday has to come

* Eating cutlery, in-case your rabbit dies


1. When rabbits complain they need liposuction or botox. Spend the extra cash for 'em.

2. Make sure you tell them everyday they look fine just the way they are, and that they are beautiful and that being thin isn't the key factor for being gorgeous.

3. Make sure they have plenty to eat. Encourage them to finish all their meals even if they are complaining they don't like the taste or they're too full.


* if worst comes to worst, tell them that bunnies aren't supposed to be thin and they look fine when they're poofy.


* Should your rabbit go on/threaten to go on a hunger strike, tell them not to be such a drama queen and they're not getting liposuction and they don't need to be thin to be happy and frelumptious.

* Don't over-feed your rabbit, not even at a party. They could get too big to fit into selected cages. And if they have a chicken-wire cage then they may be turned to mince.

* When your rabbit wants to go on an artificial skiing trip, and they believe their feet are too fat to fit into the skiing boots: A simple amputation will help your problem of them fitting their shoes, and your wallet not being dented for the skiing fee.

 Things You'll Need

* A rabbit

* Plenty of food

* Another rabbit that's been paid to tell your rabbit that it's not fat

* In the worst case scenario, a hooker rabbit to make your rabbit feel wanted and sassy.

Article added: 18 October 2007

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 Time to put a face on
rabbit eating disorders

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