Editor's Note: No one will notice the car maneuver as long as you are humming. Right.

How to Pee when You Have to Go

Have you ever had to pee and the bathrooms been occupied or you couldn't go? Well here is an answer.


1. Make sure that no one is watching and go into your garden and find a hidden spot where you can't be seen.
  • For girls - take off your underpants and pants and crouch down, relax and begin to pee slowly. when you are finished wipe yourself and put your underpants and pants back on.
  • If you are a guy - unzip your pants and begin to pee like you would with a urinal, aim at a leaf or the fence in the garden and image that you are shooting it.

2. If you are in a car: grab your jacket or a blanket and an unwanted jar, bottle or cup.
  • For girls - pull the jacket or blanket over your lap and take off your pants and undies. Place the jar or bottle so that your clitoris is facing in it. Then relax and relieve yourself slowly. Talk or hum while you pee so no one becomes suspicious.
  • For guys - unzip your pants place something over your lap and aim into the jar. hum or sing so no one is suspicious.


* Every time you need to go - get a recyclable cup and practice peeing into it.


* You could miss.

* Someone could realize.

Article added: 02 November 2009

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Find a nice
hidden spot.

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