Editor's Note: Who knew it could be such a problem? Clearly all coffee-ordering conundrums can be bested by beaming at the bemused barista.

How to Order at a Local Coffee Shop in Portland Oregon

Scared to order at a local coffee shop in Portland Oregon? Don't be!
This thing I'm writing about will show you how.


1. When you walk into a coffee shop be cool; when you walk in look happy, open the door smiling but not a cheesy one, look confident to order.

2. When you are in line look at what there is. If you see something that sounds good right away get it, don't keep looking, if you do you will take longer.

3. When it is your turn to order smile at the barista and say for example "Hi, I'd like a chocolate chip latte and a sugar cookie please." Make your smile beam after you say what you want. Never pause or stutter, don't ask what they recommend because that will make you seem not sure of anything and not confident in what you want, and always order more than one thing. Leave at least a 75 cent tip.

4. When they hand you the stuff smile, say thank you and then walk on without turning back, and go out with confidence. Never stay at a coffee shop and eat, it's tacky and uncool.


* If you get nervous and feel like you might pause or stutter ask the person behind you to go first.

Article added: 04 June 2010

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If all else fails, just
point to your shirt.

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