Editors note: It pays to work hard on this task. Once you have this info internalized in your brain, you will find that all kinds of doors will open to you.

How to Open an Unlocked Door

Ever find yourself in front of your door, not knowing how to get in/out? Well here's the perfect step-by-step guide for those smart, smart people who don't know how to open a door.


1. Stay in school…

2. Slowly move your hand towards the doorknob. Those who actually need this info may want to do some mental preparation before attempting this.

3. Once your hand is near the doorknob, firmly cup your hand around it.

4. Ok, now this may be a stretch for some people, but focus all your attention towards the knob, whatever you do, DON'T take your hand off the knob…

5. Slowly turn the knob to the left, if that doesn't work, turn it to the right.

6. Firmly pull the door towards you, if the door doesn't move, push it away from you.

7. Tada! You're in/out! You get a GOLD STAR!


* Remember to turn the knob carefully. You don't want to hurt yourself….

* When you cup your hand around the doorknob, don't get scared, just remind yourself that you CAN open the door…

* Don't pull the door towards you too hard, you might hit your face. Don't push the door too hard either, or you might fall…

* If you actually need this article, then might I suggest you stay in school - and ask a lot of questions during class.

* Good Luck...


* Don't strain your brain…

* Don't hit yourself in the face…

* Don't move out of your parent's house just yet…either that, or move back with them.

 Things You'll Need

* If you fail the first time, then ask a friend/parent to open the door for you. Remember to take a bathroom break, and pack a SANDWICH the next time you attempt this. You may also want to bring a PILLOW in case your second attempt makes you tired…

Article added: 29 December 2008

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Now your dream of
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