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How to Not Strip Paint from Kitchen Cabinets

Do Not use a thick layer of paint remover (which you apply with a brush) and while you are waiting for the paint remover to work, apply a blow torch to the wood nearby. I did this once and the fire trucks came, the house painter quit, my dog began running in circles and I had to take the dog to the vet for a tranquilizing shot even before the firemen left the house.


1. Use either paint remover or a blow torch, not both at the same time.

2. If your dog is crying and running in circles this is more important than the firemen who know what to do without you.

3. When you return home from the vet, it is best to call a professional to work on the charred wood and try to give you an estimate on new cabinets.

4. My cabinets were 80 years old so qualified as antiques so no one wanted to replace them. In New Orleans, antiques are prized more than new cabinets.

5. If you are using paint remover on your cabinets, it might be better to lock your dog up, give your house painter the day off, hide your matches, and find an entertaining way to pass time while you wait for the paint remover to work.


* How to NOT do something may be as important as How to do something.

Article added: 20 August 2010

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