Editor's Note: For those who think of Canada as the fifty-first state.

How to Not Offend Canadians

Sure, just because Canada is right above the United States and shares a lot of things in common doesn't mean that we are exactly like our Yankee neighbours. Here's how to avoid the Ugly American Syndrome and dispel negative connotations about some common Canadian stereotypes.


1. First of all, do NOT confuse a Canadian with an American, even though this may not apply to everybody, and may be for the most part extremely difficult. We take our independence seriously.

2. Even if it may be cold, it is only cold DURING THE WINTER. Some places, like Vancouver, have similar monthly temperatures to cities like San Francisco. Toronto can also be extremely hot during the summer months. Oh, and we live in houses, not in igloos. (Ya hear me, Mike Huckabee?)

3. When a Canadian invites you to lunch at Tim Horton's, PLEASE do not refuse. They've got some yummy donuts and better coffee than Starbucks.

4. Realize that we take multiculturalism seriously. VERY seriously.

5. Don't drink maple syrup from the bottle. We put them on our pancakes.

6. Realize that beavers are not treated as pets.

7. When singing the national anthem, it is O Canada not God Save the Queen. That is the British anthem.

8. Not everyone is interested in hockey.

9. We are friendly people; however, do not take it for granted.

10. Do not try to fake a French accent while in Quebec.

Article added: 25 December 2009

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