Editor's Note: If you're telling everyone you are a level 70 paladin, you are halfway there.

How to Not Get Women

Have you ever sat in your room wondering to yourself "man, how can i get less chicks?" Well with this guide you sure can!


1. Stop caring about your appearance. It really doesn't matter if you're just going to sit at home playing Nintendo. Ugh-Boots + tracksuit pants are win-win in this situation.

2. Play a lot of Sega/Nintendo games and debate them in public so people can look at you and see how miserable you really are. Play stuff like Mario 1000000 tennis battle 2.

3. Dressing up like your favourite anime/video game characters all the time will allow you to keep away even the most desperate of women.

4. Listen to Dragonforce. Enough said.

5. Speak in Leet all the time. If no one understands you they will stay away from you.

6. Talk to yourself. Have debates about star wars/star trek. The best part of this is that you will always win.

7. Chicks dig that you're a level 70 paladin make sure you keep them well informed of this.

8. Most important of all assume everyone is your friend, even people you don't know.


* The higher your pants the cooler you are.

* The longer you last without bathing the further away people will stand.

Article added: 10 May 2010

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What you wear
matters in the
get-the-girl game.

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