Editor's Note: Our readers may not have known that all baby naming decisions should be based on food cravings, but apparently it is the truth.

How to Name Your New Child

Are you knocking your head against a brick wall trying to find the perfect name for your new little miracle? Stop right there, we have the answer to all your problems! Well… at least this one.


1. Unique names are in and rockin', so we'd like to give you a totally unique and never- used name that will fit your child forever!

2. Have any food cravings in that hard pregnancy time? Well start the baby's name with the first letter of your food craving. Example: Sara Richards is having a bundle of joy and she has been craving lobster. Well her baby name should start with an L.

3. The next letter should be a vowel (a,e,i,o,u). So we have decided to help you with this portion. Count the number of each vowels in your name and your spouse's name (if no spouse is present then just use your name). First names only! Example: Sara and her husband John their vowel count would be a-2, e-0, i-0, o-1, u-0. Since a has the most the next letter in her baby's name is a. So we have now La.

4. This next letter is very crucial in the making of your child's name. We here on the wikiHow team think that this next letter should be be chosen involving you. If the mother is 0-16 the next letter can be through a-g. If the mother is 17-32 the next letter is through h-n. If the mother is 33-42 the letter can be through o-s. If the mother is older than 42 than the next letter can be t-z. Example: Sara is 28 so she had the choice of any letter between h and n. She chose i, so her baby's name came to Lai.

5. Sometimes if a family only wants a three letter baby name they can end at that stop. Or if they would like to further their unique baby's name they can go on to step 4.

6. Step 4 has to do with the baby's due date month. The next letter can be any letter in that month. Example: Sara's due date happens to be on July 17th. So her choices can be j,u,l,or y. She chose y to go with for her baby. Now the name reads Laiy.

7. Some families can stop here or go on to the last step.

8. This last step concludes the baby's name (sorry… we pack mules… I mean workers... at wikiHow, only like 5-lettered names. Tough luck to all you who had been dreaming of a 6-lettered child). This has to do with the father (but if the father is unavailable or unwilling the mother is fine). The last letter can be any letter in the father's (or if needed, mother's) home state. Example: Sara's husband, John's home state is Michigan. They could've chosen any of the following….m,i,c,h,g,a,or n. They went with a to finish off their darling little girl's name of Laiya.

9. These steps are sure to give you a unique name that really comes from the heart. Thanks folks, and remember to visit us any time.


* People may tell you not to listen to us but they are wrong!


* We are not to be held responsible for unhappy people

 Things You'll Need

* A baby or pregnant woman

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