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How to Meet a Dad

There seems to have been a recent surge of people wanting to meet dads lately, so I have written a guide on the subject. This guide mainly focuses on meet a dad through his children, as this is by far the easiest way.


1. Find a way to regularly come into contact with children, such as leading a scout troop or teaching a class.

2. Casually ask the child(ren) about their dad(s). "What's you're dad like?" Once you've learned about a dad you want to meet, proceed to step 3.

3. Try to set up a meeting of some sort with your chosen dad. A teacher can call a parent/teacher meeting, for example. If you can't formally meet the dad, you could try telling your intentions to the children directly and say casually. "I wanna meet that dad!"

4. If you still haven't met a dad after the above steps are completed, you can try more covert means. Hide out by the dad's house until he comes outside and then casually jog across the sidewalk past him, introducing yourself.


* Be careful you are not mistaken for a pedophile when you seek contact with children.

* Enjoy that dad!

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Article added: 02 April 2010

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