Editor's Note: Couch surfers everywhere, as well as those wanting to go from Couch to 5K might check a how-to site for this important article, lol. Maybe it was penned by someone getting ready for Super Bowl XLII, before it was summarily dumped by wikihow. Anyhow, we performed another miracle save and are pleased to dedicate this little gem of a chuckle to our readers out there in Couchville.

How to Make More Room on the Couch

Learn how to make your couch space more efficient.


1. Have everyone stand up.

2. Remove excess things from the couch (eg. blankets, books, knitting supplies, remote controls of any kind, the Guitar Hero guitar).

3. Everyone sits down in order of importance. The more important sit first.

4. No one can cross their legs.

5. When/where appropriate, smaller people sit on bigger people (eg. children, the smaller of couples).

6.  Inhale completely and hold.

7. If there is still not enough room on the couch, everyone stand up again, and run two miles every day until everyone fits on the couch.


* This is useful at birthday parties where your mom made you invite the whole Sunday school class and you didn't want to.

* Think about having an outdoor party if it's a really big Sunday school class.


* If it's a co-ed Sunday school class, have a chaperone (especially if its a small couch).

Article added 08 February 2008

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Before Internet how-to
help was available,
people went to
extremes to get a
spot on a couch.

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