Editor's Note: Unlike one or two (ahem) of our other articles, these instructions would truly work, so go ahead and dig your ice cream out of the deep freeze and get ready to enjoy. Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey, Pocono Paws, Giffords Bethesda Ice Cream, it will probably work on any and all!

How to Make Ice Cream Melt Quicker

Is the Ice Cream in the box all frozen and you can't get it out? Well read all the way through this to learn to melt it quicker!


1. First of all, go to your computer desk.

2. Then look up How To Melt Ice Cream Quicker.

3. Look at it for a while

4. Then go back to your Ice Cream. Chances are, it will have melted by the time you've finished.


* Read all of this very slowly.


* A fly might land on your Ice Cream.

Article Added: 22 January 2010

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Dropping your cone at
the playground on a
hot day works too.

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