Editor's Note: Use the box with an A on it, to give yourself a box with an A in it!

How to Make a Fake Report Card with MS Paint

Got bad grades but don't want to get in trouble? There's an easy way to do it.


1. Open MS Paint.

2. Put the report card in your scanner.

3. Press File > From Scanner or Camera...

4. Import a copy of your card.

5. Click on the Word Box (the box with the A on it).

6. Create a box on top of the grade you would like to change.

7. Put in the desired grade (If applicable change percentage).

8. Print.


* Make sure that the grades are believable. If your parents are constantly checking your grades this may not be the best idea.

* You should try getting your grades up first though.

* Try laminating the document for added convincing power, also it makes the printed stamp more believable.


* Do not fold or wrinkle because creases will appear on copy.

* If your parents know when you receive your report card you have to be home before them or you won't have time to do it.

* Do NOT leave the original report card in the scanner. BIG MISTAKE.

* If your parents use Edline or other websites to check updates on grades don't do it.

* When report cards come they reprint the grades. If your parents notice the difference you're in trouble!

Article added: 13 January 2010

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