Editor's Note: Find a real cave and you can skip the first six steps.

How to Make a Cave to Live In

Ever wanted to escape the world and just be by yourself in an enclosed space? Want to be a Hermit that never sees the light of day? Then follow these simple instructions.


1. Go to the Store and buy dynamite.

2. Find a very large rock in the middle of nowhere.

3. Put the dynamite in a crack.

4. Light it.

5. Run away and cower.

6. After the dynamite is done exploding, then pick up all the rubble.

7. Buy furniture and food to last a lifetime.

8. Break up with your girl/boy friend and tell your parents.

9. Move in.

10. Never come out again.


* Buy non perishable foods if possible.

* Get a TV and satellite (to keep up with current events as the mailman most likely won't deliver to your cave).


* Watch out for snakes and cowboys

Article added: 21 June 2010

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