Editor's Note: Time for a little Froggy 101. First, don't put a frog in a blender. Do find a frog pond. Get yourself a pair (and we do mean a PAIR, see pic), of frog eyes. Throw in some frog guts for good measure and grab yourself a small pail. Then, equipped with this article you are all set to be a Frog and Bucket, in Halloween, or indeed in life!

How to Look Like a Frog

Hey there if you wanna look like a frog you've come to the right place.


1. Buy some green paint from B&Q and make sure you cover every inch of your body.

2. It is recommended to live near a pond.

3. Don't listen to what your friends say. Looking like a frog is cool.

4. Add flies to your daily diet or your everyday meals.

5. Replace your bed with a giant lily pad.

6. Buy some eye enlargers (contacts) to make your eyes look as big as your head.

7. Practice your daily doses of 'croaks' to become more believable as a frog.

8. Don't be afraid to get jiggy with other frogs.

9. If your stomach seems to be getting bigger, don't worry. Tadpoles are on the way :)

10. If the webbed feet don't grow naturally, take a trip to your best costume store.

11. Grab your tongue and pull it until it becomes as long as a frogs should be.

12. Stay away from people with jars… these people like to catch frogs :S

13. Frogs are not friends with Toads. Do not socialize with Toads!!


* Look in the mirror very often and tell yourself you're beautiful. It boosts confidence within, thus making you an awesome frog.

* Try and get into the 'frog scene'. Remember, not the 'Toad scene'. These toads will most likely try and web you to death… (or eat you).

* Don't wear clothes in public as a frog. In the real world, frogs do not wear clothes so it's best that you stick to these rules. (Yes, it is illegal for people to walk around naked.. but not for frogs!!)


* You must be a very strong-minded person to become a frog, as frogs have had a lot of racism and discrimination targeted at them. Yes, this is very wrong but what can I say? The world is a cruel place.

* Your friends may disown you through these stages of becoming a true frog, but remember if they cannot accept you as a frog, then they were never your friends at all!

Article added 01 February 2008

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