Editor's Note: If there is no rule at your school against ancient music playing devices, you are in luck!

How to Listen to Music in Class Without Breaking Rules

If you're looking at this page right now, chances are you're one of those students who recently had their iPod taken in class. My story is a lot similar to that, the "No Electronics" rule. Now you won't have to lose yours for weeks with my nearly foolproof way of listening to music in class.


1. Save up some money. About $10-50 should do. It depends on how high quality you want the sound. You also need some spare money for the CD's I'll mention in step 3.

2. Scout every music store, recording studio, and flea market/third-world shop for a gramophone. It's not that expensive nowadays, I found one at a garage sale actually. It may not have the latest songs, and isn't exactly as light as your school work, but it gets you around the "No Electronics" rule.

3. Buy CD's at a recording studio/music store. Where I live, there's a recording studio nearby, and you can request old gramophone records with the latest hits (I ordered "Heartless" for about $5). If there isn't a music store without the latest songs for gram records, try buying some of the Beatles records.

4. Bring it to school. Good luck!


* Some teachers WILL actually take it away from you. No joke. Try going to your principal, telling him you didn't break any rule, if that ever happens.

* This article is meant to be taken as a joke. If you take it seriously, like Step #4, good luck.

Article Added: 10 October 2009

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