Editor's Note: Apparently, you can't actually learn about monkeys by reading about them or anything. You have to take one as a pet. Here are some detailed instructions as to do it.

How to Learn About Monkeys

Do you have a monkey. I don't. But be careful. It might heart you, and that is not good.


1. Take care of the monkey.

2. Feed the monkey.

3. Give it a bath.

4. Keep it in a cage.

5. Do not wake it up when you are sleeping.

6. Do not scare him.

7. Leave it alone.


Here are some tips:

* Take care of the monkey.

* Feed the monkey.

* Do not heart the monkey


* Do not hit the monkey.

* Or disturb it.

Article added: 21 May 2010

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Do not wake up the
monkey while you
are sleeping.
As if you could.

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