Editor's Note: Eddie Izzard is an adept leaner? Likes Tuesdays? Or has a rambling mind like the writer of this how-to? We can't be sure why Mr. Izzard is referenced as an expert on when to lean, but when you read this deleted wikiHow, you will know something about the Eddie Izzard method of leaning over a bit.

How to Lean Over a Bit

This guide will tell you how to lean in a different direction and how to use leaning to get by in life (or maybe it won't).


1. Check your body - see if there are two or more legs. This is required for leaning. The ideal number of legs is 2 (two).

2. Stand upright and prepare yourself mentally, think about balance and try to imagine yourself as invincible.

3. Read articles online discussing sides, left or right. As far as I know, no such article is written, so this step is vital.

4. Take your one leg (already decided which) and place it approximately one or two feet away in a random direction. The people who have written the articles that don't exist, feel that forward is a very logical, and therefore popular, direction for beginners.

5. Once the above is completed, move as much of your upper body as possible in the same direction in which your chosen leg is.

6. Once your instinct tells you (which it hopefully will) that your maximum limit of leanings has been reached, do all the instructions above BACKWARDS.

7. Once you have reached your starting position you have successfully LEANED.

8. …congratulations.


* Don't go for another direction than the one you choose for your leaning-leg. This might cause something called falling, which some human beings find annoying, or even painful.

* Try your first lean on a Tuesday, (according to the expert Eddie Izzard).

* The above is believed to have something to do with the moon, and you might want to have the moon with you on this, although the non-existing-article-writers say they have found ways to lean on other weekdays.

* Be sober, or at least just a bit woozey, during your first lean. This helps you do the first tips-step correctly.

 Things You'll Need

* Body

* Brain (w/ instincts) (can be important)

* Two or more legs

* Floor or ground

Article added: 28 March 2008

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Leaning without prior
instruction is flirting
with disaster.

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