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How to Travel to the Land of Fae (Commonly Known by Humans As Fairyland)

Have you ever wanted to travel to the Land of Fae? It's a fairly simple process really. You can get there in your daydreams or in your night visions. Here are a few tips from the Land of Fae travel guide which shows you how to get around, where to go, where to eat, shop, stay, etc. These are just a few tips.


1. Put on your favorite faerie garb. This could be a pretty dress, maybe put some flowers in your hair, some nice perfume (not too much), a faerie tiara, etc.

2. Arrange yourself nicely in your bed or other sleeping spot, so you are comfortable and relaxed.

3. Before you are about to go to sleep, call forth the dreambird from the horizon of your mind.

4. Say the following incantation in a whisper

Dreambird, dreambird, fly my way.
Take me to the Land of Fae.
Return me by the light of dawn
So I'll wake up where I belong.

5. Relax and let yourself drift (not too deeply now) into the vision of your dream. Try to stay alert enough to remember what you are doing. Call once more for the dreambird and you'll be off on your faerie dream vacation.

6. Another way to get there, for the experienced daydreamer is to look at the photos of the Land of Fae and let yourself drift into them. If you haven't done this before, sleep travel might be your best shot at getting there.


* Familiarize yourself with the customs of the Land of Fae, its currency and policies. There are some new regulations that have been put into effect since the human event of 9-11. Since then, there is no human immigration to the Land of Fae, so your visit will only be temporary. Sorry, but that's policy at this point in time.

* Make sure to visit the Tomb of the Lost Faerie Princess, the amusement park at Fallride City and take the faerie pirate ship cruise on the Maiden Voyage II. There are a lot of other great places to visit.

* When you are traveling, you can take a variety of transportation vehicles, such as a rat-trike (a rat-powered rikshaw with cages that the rats run in to automate the movement). You can also take a bird-harnessed plane, a steam train, hot air balloons and many other methods similar to our own. (When taking a vehicle powered by an animal, make sure NOT to feed them anything but the supplied foods. DON'T stick your fingers in the cages, as these invisible beings can be highly aggressive when provoked).

* Remember that you are never alone when traveling through the Land of Fae. There are always little beings who are happy to assist you on your tour. They can take you to some of the best places in the Land.

* I recommend visiting the village of Terra Cotta and Sandtareo Te' for their great amenities. They are used to human tourism and you won't feel completely out of place. Stones' Throw Beach is a great place to hang out and have a few fancy drinks at the cabana. The Terra Cotta Cafe is a wonderful place to eat. Attire is come as you are, so don't worry if you are in your PJs.

* See the initial author's link below for a comprehensive guide to travel in the Land of Fae. It will tell you how to get there, how to get around and where to stay. Most importantly, it will tell you how to get back.


* Faeries in the Land of Fae are generally kind and respectful, however occasionally you will run into one with less than virtuous motives.

* If you book a trip to the Land of Fae, there are a few health issues that could arise. You could get a case of the runs which is just how it sounds. If you get this you'll know because you won't be able to sit down or stand still. You'll find yourself running in circles, running around and won't be able to stop. The best cure is to let yourself run it out, there's not much else you can do.

 Things You'll Need

* Don't take anything with you. Don't bother running for your suitcase, there's no need to pack. You only need to bring a great attitude, some gratitude, a full measure of enthusiasm, your sense of adventure, a thirst for the exotic, a ration of whimsy and most important of all, lightness of heart.

* You might want to wear something pretty. Whatever you do, if you are modest, don't go to sleep naked if you plan to travel to the Land of Fae. Of course there are some shops where you can buy something to wear once you get there, but until you get to the store you might feel a bit awkward.

 Sources and Citations

* www.faeriefactory.com The initial author's website depicting photos of fantastical faerie houses, furnishings, enchanting lands and a much more complete travel guide to the Land of Fae. Make sure to read it before you embark on your journey!

Article added: 21 March 2008

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You can buy a nice
fairy suit when you
get there, which will
come in handy if you
sleep in the nude.

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