Editor's Note: One imagines Tony and Maggie sitting in a radio studio somewhere and sharing the vast wisdom they have collected over their short lives.

How to Kiss Again

It's a how-to because it helps with the knowledge of…
You've kissed her/him once and everyone wants another kiss… and another… and another...


These steps will be like a conversation between Tony and Maggie.

1. Tony: There is signals that a guy can give like nudging a girl with your nose (parts such as hair, ear or nose).

2. Maggie: Holding hands, leaning closer, things like that are signals that you want to be more than friends, after the first kiss it's not that awkward. So show that you are interested and don't have your first kiss right after your date. Wait a couple weeks.

3. Tony: If she is nudging you with her nose (parts such as her ear or nose), or tangling her fingers in your hair, stop walking or whatever you are doing and just kiss her already.

4. Maggie: But don't come on too fast guys. Remember don't just sit there while you kiss. Move your hands through his/hair or rub your hands across their face.

5. Tony: Once kissing don't make it quick… drag it out. if she wants to stop don't let her. And never stop holding her.

6. Maggie: But if you really want to stop, do something like move your face down, so his lips are on your forehead. (Then he might kiss your forehead, he he.)

7. Tony: Can we all be adults, the post-kiss (after kiss) is just as important as the kiss don't be stupid and say "you have bad breath" or "wow you suck" it's just rude. After it, look at her eyes (or lips if you want more). After the kiss do whatever you were doing before.

8. Maggie: If you want more go for it. Chances are he will want more 2.



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