Editor's Note: Online rape. The latest thing to worry about.

How to Have Sex on Club Penguin

You have had a girl/boyfriend for a while now. And they ask you or you ask them to have sex. Its easy. Just read this…


1. First of all, did your boy/girl ask you, "You wanna?" And you didn't know what the heck they mean? Well, They mean sex . Club penguin sex. If you don't want it say no straight away.

2. If it's YOU that wants sex, say "You wanna?" If they don't know what you mean just tell them "Never mind". Because if you tell them they might report you…

3. Now sex time - don't do it if you're uncomfortable!!!!! The first time I did it I was scared but it's actually quite fun!

4. Go to your igloo. You MUST have a couch or bed. NEVER do this in public, you're BOUND to get reported if you do.

5. Sit on the bed facing each other so your beaks are touching. This looks like your kissing.

6. Now, take off your top. Make sure your partner does too.

7. Next start saying things like "Mmmmmmm" "Oh yea" "Just there" "That's right!" "Easy tiger" "Oh bay-bee" "Not too much" "Oooo" And get dirty. But not too dirty or it won't show up for your partner. Make sure you put up lots of love hearts to show you are making love.

8. When you're done, get off your couch or bed, put on your top and say "Bay-bee that was great, you're sooo good at it."


* Make sure you look sexy before making love. Put on hot hair BOYZ-  Firstriker is GREAT. GIRLZ - Ponytails and long sexy hair.

* Make sure you put up LOTS of love hearts and say things that sound like you're really having sex.

* Don't do this if you don't want to!


* Do not do in public- You will get reported for sure.

* Your partner might get a bit too dirty - watch out!

* Make sure your partner wants it or it's online rape!

 Things You'll Need

* Club Penguin member account

* A boy/girlfriend

* A sense of fun

Article added: 09 January 2010

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