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How to Have Fun When Sick

You're bored at home? Nothing to do? Well, this article's for you!!


1. See how long you can go without thinking of penguins.

2. Learn to type on the keyboard with your toes.

3. Sweet talk the wall.

4. Cheer up a potato.

5. Wear a funny pink knitted hat.

6. Flirt with a tree.

7. Run inside a local store nearby, touch the counter, and back, 6 times.

8. Phone a pizza place and ask what they sell. Then take ages thinking about what to order.

9. Hand out balloons to old people on the streets.

10. Water your dog… and see if it grows.

11. Polish your bellybutton.

12. Give a tree a shower.

13. Run around in squares.

14. Speak in limericks.

15. Pretend you're blind.

16. Get mad and yell at yourself.

17. Type the letter 'A' in google and read every single page.

18. Convince your Guardian that you're dead.

19. Chew your arm until someone notices.

20. Make a list of things to do when you're bored.

21. Go outside on the sidewalk and wave to every passing car.

22. Follow a person on the street until they say something, then look the other way.

23. Take every pillow, blanket, sheet and put them at the bottom of the stairs, then jump down.

24. Go to a neighbor's pool and pour a hell of a lotta blue jello in it.

25. Follow someone and lick their arm.

26. Have a spoon sword fight.

27. Juggle light bulbs.

28. Tape up a big scrunched ball of paper and play floor hockey with your hands.

29. Steal the dumbest things E.G: a half carton of eggs, wrap it up, and say "Mommy/Daddy, I have a present for you".

30. Bite your knee and jump up and down on one leg.

31. Go out on the streets and scream :"Look, it's Michael Jackson!!" and see how many people turn.

32. Slap your Parent/Guardian in the face, and if they yell, laugh.


* Remember, this article was made for a joke, so some of the things on here could probably get you in trouble. Like 'slapping your Parent/Guardian in the face'. Lol, don't do it! Use your brain, and don't do the things that you're sure could get you in trouble. So if you're really bored and the things on this list just aren't for you, well, then read a book or something.

Article added: 04 October 2010

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