Editor's Note: Step Twelve addresses what to do when your pet rock falls asleep. If you are able to KNOW when your rock falls asleep, then this article is for you!

How to Have a Pet Rock Sleepover

There are articles about taking care of your pet rock, naming your pet rock, throwing a party with your pet rock, but have you ever thought of having a pet rock sleepover? Well, this article will show you how!


1. Send out invitations to your friends and their pet rocks.

2. Get your pet rock's house and clear out most of the furniture, but leave the TV, the sofa, and any other comfortable furniture.

3. Make some sleeping bags out of cloth. Cut some cloth about 17cm by 10cm (depending on the size of the rock) and turn it landscape, then fold it in half and glue/sew along the bottom and half way along the top.

4. Make a jacuzzi out of a tupperware and warm water.

5. Crush a cracker for popcorn.

6. Put on your favourite movie by taping a picture from the internet of it on the TV.

7. Take out a tub of petroleum jelly, some fruity lip gloss, and a little bit of body/hand lotion.

8. Wait for the guests.

9. Do a spa treatment: apply petroleum jelly to the surface of the rock, then the lotion, then the fruity lip gloss.

10. Let them have a pillow fight with cotton wool.

11. Let them eat snacks.

12. And then finally, put on the movie while they go to sleep.


* Use glitter on the spa treatment (just a bit).

* Don't play a scary movie for young rocks.

* Try not to make a mess with the cracker crumbs and the jacuzzi.


* Ask your friends if they are okay with petroleum jelly, hand cream, lip gloss and any other thing you decide to use BEFORE you use it.

* If you are a child, make sure you ask your parents before inviting our friends round otherwise the will get angry.

Article Added: 21 December 2009

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