Editor's Note: Here is how you can get out of that algebra test you have been dreading. Can't get your dad to write you an excuse? No matter, you can get some great tips here on how to do fake sick for real.

How to Get Sick on Purpose

Haven't studied for a test, have a fight with your teacher? Any reason to get sick here's how.


1. This method is the most likely and the easiest. After going to the bathroom, lick your hand before you wash it. Don't drink or eat anything for the next hour. This will give you a stomach flu like sickness.

2. For this one you will need a days notice. At lunch sit next to some one that is sick or mending from being sick. Make sure that you are sitting shoulder to shoulder by 'accident' grab their drink and take a sip. Pretend to realize after you you have sipped the drink for the 4th time to be sure then say "Oh, I am so sorry I grabbed your drink by default" or something of that nature.

3. The third method is a little bit harder. Sneak out and go to the hospital or McDonalds. These places are teaming with bacteria. Go into the rest rooms of either place and lick the toilet seat, I know that this is gross but if you really need to get sick that's how.

4. Hope this article helped


* Don't do any thing too dumb that could possibly kill you.

Article Added: 05 March 2010

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