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How to Get off Your High Horse

Sometimes you're on your high horse, but you should definitely get off it.


1. You are in denial. Realize that you are on your high horse. Good warning signs: people telling you that you are on your high horse, you feeling better than people (almost as if you are above them, as if on a horse that is lording majestically above them), you have no friends (could also be because you are weird), etc.

2. Get angry about it! Angry at yourself! You really suck! Tell yourself that IN ALL CAPS! You can also express your anger by further alienating the few friends you may (or may not) have.

3. You may now try bargaining with your friends by paying them money to let you stay on your high horse. This probably will not work because you suck (see step 2).

4. This is where you realize how much you suck, and now you feel lousy about it. At this point you should go into a deep state of depression. You may consider becoming emo, but that would be counterproductive as it would put you on an even higher horse. You may also have thoughts like "Oh god, I'm so depressed."

5. You've accepted that you are on your high horse. Now you can finally do something about it.

6. Dismount.


* Whatever you do, don't name the horse. It will only make you more attached.

* Avoid getting on high horses in the first place.

* Brush your teeth.


* If you don't follow these steps carefully, you may fall off your high horse. This is not nearly as desirable as dismounting the proper way as it causes severe injury.

* Don't confuse being on a high horse with being on an actual horse.

* Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

* You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

 Things You'll Need

* A high horse

* People to alienate

* Money

Article added: 09 February 2009

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Get off and stay off!

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