Editor's Note: With all the force recommended here, we wonder if this is the OJ Simpson method of getting what you want.

How to Get All Girls to Like You

Have you always wanted all the chicks crushing on you? Then this is the perfect article. You CAN get as many girls as you want.


1. Okay at school, if you want the chicks to be all over you, stare at three certain girls (during classes). Look them in the eye and don't smile. Make yourself look as intimidating as POSSIBLE. If they look back, just keep staring.

2. Wear your pants really low so you can see your boxers and wear a striped Polo T-shirt that is oversized and baggy. Get some sunglasses and wear them 24/7 (except during classes).

3. Never, ever, EVER smile at anyone, keep a STRAIGHT face.

4. Go to Friday night football games and find one random girl to stare at. During the entire game, keep staring at her constantly. When you see her leaving, go up and ask for her number. If she says no, grab her by the shoulders, stare deeply into her eyes and strongly say "Give it to me. NOW." If she continues to refuse, grab her towards you and hold her close. Whisper in her ear, "Sweetie, you don't want me to hurt you, do you?" by then, she will give you her number and be your girlfriend.

5. Now that you have a girlfriend, you need to get another girlfriend. During one of your classes, stare at one certain girl. During class, walk past her and brush up against her. Then say, "You and me, this weekend." Then wink at her and walk away.

6. Now you have another girlfriend. This makes you a player. And EVERY girl wants to date a player.

7. Now, every weekend, crash a party and bring along one of your girlfriends. Keep a straight face, and stare at just one girl at the party. Ditch your girlfriend and go up to the other girl and ask for her number. Then take her to a quiet bedroom and get her to get with you. Now you have another girlfriend.

8. Then at school, during lunch, stand alone in one distinct spot. Make sure you wear your sunglasses. Always stare at every girl that walks past you. Keep a straight face.

9. After lunch, stand by one certain classroom (whichever you choose to stand by) and stand there EVERY day. Look at every girl that walks into that classroom. This will make girls think that you are mysterious.

10. If possible, ditch a class and go into a different random classroom every day and sit alone in the back. This will make girls wonder who you are and make you well known.

11. In at least a month, every girl will be crawling all over you!


* Remember, you must ALWAYS keep a straight face! Girls LOVE mysterious guys! It makes them wonder what you're up to. ;)


* Never smile. It will make you seem like a nice guy.

* Never wear tight fitted clothing.

* Don't be too open. Be mysterious.

Things You'll Need

* Loose, baggy clothing.

* Striped Polo shirts. (Must be baggy)

* Sunglasses. (Black ones)

* Your cell phone. (Store chicks numbers on there.)

Article added: 02 January 2009

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